Specialty Classes

Designed to suit you

Have you recently purchased a boat?

Nautical Yacht Management offers new boat orientations to help you get acquainted with your new love. From 18–100 feet, we have extensive experience with all types of boats and yachts, including sailboats. Bow thrusters, joysticks, chartplotters and navigation are all explained in plain language. Then we demonstrate and practice using the equipment until you are comfortable and proficient. At NYM, we want our clients to enjoy their boats with confidence—that’s why we pride ourselves on taking the time to teach and share our knowledge with you.


Resources for Boaters

Links and Apps we can’t be without

So many resources online, and an awesome app (worth every penny) that can work either with cell or GPS service ( i.e. in airplane mode).

Towing services, boat insurance, membership discounts. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Active Captain Interactive Cruising Guidebook including marina reviews, moorings, contact information, pricing, services, amenities, maps, charts, anchorages, bridges, plus very helpful local knowledge from other boaters.

Online or the app, this is an outstanding weather resource. The related app from the same group is called Storm, for more detailed bad weather information.

Not sure if you are in a no-wake zone? This app can tell you! Along with marina, restaurant, sandbar, boat ramp, inlet info, snorkel or dive sites and more.

This or any other reliable tide table app that gives you times, heights, velocity, and moon phase. Because if you accidentally “park” on a sandbar, you will want to know if you should make lunch, or maybe dinner too.